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Lynnwood Urgent Care Offers Their Services to Ashland Lakes Campers

Summer is almost here, and for Ashland Lakes Trail dispersed campers, there’s no better time to climb and hike the breathtaking trail of this famous campground. Situated inside a National Forest, most Lynnwood residents are more than ready to pack their bags for an outdoor adventure. Unfortunately, summer is also the time when most urgent care providers in Lynnwood are busy with giving medical attention to campers suffering from bug bites.

From a simple mosquito bite to a very painful bee sting, the resulting welts and bumps are a small price to pay for a great time in the wild. However, it does not diminish the fact that most of these bug bites are irritating and can take the fun out of camping.

Prevention is better than trying to cure

As much as possible, you want to save yourself from getting insect or bug bites. While camping, it is important to try to avoid these three pesky insects that are most likely to give you itchy, reddish welts. The most common of these pests are mosquitoes, ticks and chiggers.

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It would be great, of course, if you could find a bug-free zone inside the campground. However, that is highly unlikely. The most obvious preventative measure for most campers is to use an effective insect-repellant to eliminate insects before they have a chance to bite or sting you.

Insect repellants are mostly available in sprays and lotions, you just have to find a brand that does not contain any ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction. It is also advisable to avoid sweet, sugary drinks while camping as it makes your sweat or perspiration smell more enticing to insects.

Furthermore, insects are attracted to dark colors so make sure you wear light-colored clothing, as well as long sleeve shirts and long pants to protect yourself while camping.

You’ve been bitten by an unknown bug, what now?

If you do unfortunately get a bug bite, the first priority is to identify what bit you in order to narrow down the possible remedies for it.

A trained urgent care provider can usually predict the bug’s identity accurately by its bite mark or the welts that formed right after you were bitten. If you haven’t shown any extreme allergic reactions to the bite, then a home remedy will likely be enough to provide relief.

However, if you show allergic reactions like headache, nausea, or hives after being bitten by a bug, then it is wise to visit the nearest urgent care provider on the way back to Lynnwood for immediate treatment.

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