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Helpful First Aid Tips from a Lynnwood Urgent Care Center for Broken Bones

Camping at Martha Lake is sure to be popular this coming summer season. Plenty of activities await, from fishing to swimming, hiking, and family picnics. In participating in these fun activities, make sure that you are trained in basic first aid skills. This will certainly be important in the unfortunate event that you, or any in your party, suffer from injuries or accidents.

Understandably, nobody wants to think about encountering any untoward incident when trying to have fun. Still, as your local urgent care center in Lynwood reminds you, it’s best to be prepared. Below are some helpful tips you can use in case of accidents, such as a fall.

broken bones

Causes of Falls

Losing your footing while hiking or tripping while running can, at the very least, cause a sprain. In more serious situations, though, it can result in broken bones. While not fatal, these injuries still can cause tremendous pain; thus, urgent medical care should be sought immediately.

Signs of Broken Bones

It’s not always obvious that there is a broken bone. However, there are signs to look for which can help you identify the injury. For example, swelling and bruising could simply mean a sprain, but if the pain worsens with movement, and the skin turns bluish in color, it may be a broken bone. A deformity of the limb is also a telltale sign of a broken bone. In certain instances, the bone may also protrude from the skin.


As soon as you determine that there is broken bone, and no other possible serious condition exists, such as a concussion or spine injury, you should create a splint to keep the bone immobile.

An ice pack will also help get rid of the inflammation and swelling. Remember not to put the ice pack directly in contact with the skin.

As soon as you are able to call for help, bring the injured party to a Lynwood walk in clinic, such as U.S. HealthWorks. Their professional medical staff will be able to give proper aid and treatment for the injury.

Don’t let this scare you away from going on a camping trip to Martha Lake! Summer is all about making memories, and accidents are part of life. Just make sure that you’re prepared and you know where the nearest urgent care center is before you go.


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